DISCON for more security during pandemic

Up to date and during the vaccines star campaigns presumably, one of the most effective measures against contagion is universally recognised as the social distancing.
Another key point in the fight against the pandemic diffusion is the tracking contagion
monitoring, that is fundamental in the processes of restrain any outbreaks of infection.

What is DISCON


• a German-engineered IoT (Internet of Things) platform for web applications that has evolved in over 10 years using intelligent machines to enhance interaction between humans and machines
• Built on the proven and reliable BelebGO platform, it uses wearable wristbands and badges with UWB (Ultra Wide Band) technology with a tolerance of only 10cm
• Combining those elements it becomes a sophisticated social distance monitoring and contact tracing solution

How it works

1. Easy assignment​

individuals who participate in any type of event after registering wears one of the wearable devices (wristband/badge) which are anonymously assigned using QR codes


2. Intelligent distance measurement​

using highly precise ultra wideband (UWB) technology rather than bluetooth/BLE, the device constantly monitors distance to other devices and warns the wearer if the (preset) distance is not respected (in several ways, vibration/beep) and records duration of the contact


3. Full automation​

at the end of the event the individual returns the device and it will be disassociated from that person while all the data are anonymously filed (compliance to privacy rules and regulations) and stored.


4. Full security​

If a participant test positive for an infection, the system looks up contact data and identifies/ detect all people potentially endangered during the event with a tolerance of only 10cm and contact duration higher than 8, 10 or 15 minutes depending on local regulations

use cases​

DISCON is designed for use at events as well as working environments like offices, production facilities or warehouses. Weather in a sport stadium, attending a congress or company even or in a day to day office routines, DISCON helps to keep the environment save for everyone.


In case of a reported infection, DISCON allows reliable and automated contact tracing while keeping personal data secured. No personal data are stored on the wearable devices and only in case of reported cases, device assignment are matched and contact data are provided to authorized entities where a four eye principle is applied. Meaning one person can get a password protected report and another person will be provided with the matching password.

Our offers

DISCON can be used for temporary purposes or as a permanent measurement


Lease / temporary use​

  • Renting of devices and services including training
  • Ideal for sports event, congress, trade fair or similar

Purchase / permanent use​

  • Purchase of devices and software license
  • Optional: service package with regular assessment of data
  • Ideal for office, industrial or production use

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